“Mid-morning? What is that?”

This is what Sam would say if he could talk. 

He seems to have settled into have a long (2-2.5 hour) nap each morning and neatly misses most of the day between breakfast and lunch. This, I think, is the definition of winning. Sleep, wake, eat, play for an hour, sleep, wake, eat. It’s not a bad life! 

I’m glad of it today because I’m not feeling 100% and it’s given me time to relax…after doing a wash, sorting all the clothes – 20% ours, 80% Sam’s – showering and sorting his change bag for the day that is! 

We’re off out to visit my cousin Thea today and I can’t wait to see her. Sam will have a field day trying to touch all of her and her boyfriend’s amazing work (they are very talented blacksmiths – check out their website), as well being incredibly excited at seeing their cats. I might be wrong, but I foresee quite a lot of hands-on work keeping him away from it all! I’m therefore grateful that I’ve had a chance to rest up this morning. 

When awake, he loves nothing more than helping with the hoovering!


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