Story time

Sam and I read a lot of books together, we love story time. During the course of a day, I’m likely to read “That’s Not My Dinosaur” at least 10 times, not to mention the other 12 or so books we have.  

Cuddles and stories


Yesterday, Sam walked up to me brandishing a book that looked a bit different. Not a reading book for sure. 

“Sam, sweetheart, that’s not a book. Could you go and choose another one?”

Cue scrunched up furious face and waving the ‘book’ at me. 

“Come on now, go and find another one.”

More furious face. I decide to open the first couple of pages to show him. Sam settles next to me for story time. 

“Look, see, this isn’t a story. Go and get That’s Not My Monster”. 

He looks up at me in fury, stands up and throws a tantrum over the situation. 

Next time I’ll just read him the flipping Lakeland catalogue.  

The ‘book’ he was determined to read



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