Today I had a very strong sign that Sam is going to do well in the world. 

I’ve had a hard day; exhausted, feeling a bit sick, aching…the not so fun side of pregnancy. It’s hard work with an active (and demanding!) toddler but fortunately today Sam decided that he would happily entertain himself or bring me books to read him while I lay on the sofa being fairly useless. He even semi-watched “Cars” (although I have a feeling that I watched more of it than he did!), despite generally losing interest in anything that isn’t “Ben” [& Holly’s Little Kingdom]. 

Fast forward through the day, past where I forced us both out of the door to get some fresh air – him in tears, me holding it together…us both in wellies and winter hats (so that he would wear his), past our lovely park visit…to when Carl arrived home. 

Carl brought us a pack of Rich Tea biscuits and handed out one each before heading upstairs to change. Sam had his and wandered around taking an occasional bite. Then he looked at me and my empty hand. “Gone?”, he enquired. “Yes”, I informed him, “I’ve finished mine”. He took one more look at me and charged out of the room – fairly standard, so I paid little attention to it. 30 seconds later, he reappeared with the whole pack of biscuits and handed it to me. 

I’ve learned 2 things from this:

1. He will do well in future life – he sensed I needed looking after and that a pack of biscuits was a good start. 

2. He can reach a lot further than either of us had realised! 


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