Happy birthday blog!

On the 5th January 2015, looking for something to do, I started writing a little blog. I’m still slightly surprised that I’ve managed to continue writing during the chaos (I think that’s the right word) of the last year, although I write far less frequently now. I write largely for myself, but it’s always lovely to hear comments from readers. 

It’s funny looking back to my very first post, so uncertain of what’s to come. I realise I never answered the questions I initially posed: 

When will Bud make an appearance? 6 days late, on Friday 20th February at exactly 20:00.

Will we have a boy or girl? A very energetic boy. 

How will we adjust to parenthood? We found our way, as all new parents do, by learning each and every day (we still are). It’s a huge change, but we adjust because we have no choice! 

Will we ever sleep again? Yes. Although it took far longer than we hoped! 

Am I enjoying my final hot cups of tea…? (Should I start drinking them cold, so it isn’t a shock!?) No. I employed my friend Charlotte’s rule and always enjoy a hot cuppa. If I might run out of time, I don’t make one. No cold tea for Kirsty! 

What a year it has been. There have been highs and lows, but ultimately the best year ever. 

So, we begin 2016 with a 10.5 month year old who has just started walking…now the real fun begins!!   


Happy New Year!

2016 is upon us and with Sam now walking, this year brings with it a whole lot of fun – I can’t wait to take him to soft play next week; he’ll love it! I’m excited about taking him to the park when the weather improves. Playing out in the garden beckons. Oh, I’m well aware he will want to walk 2 steps, find something interesting to look at on the ground, hand me a stone as a present and repeat, but I’m choosing to see that as a natural progression for his inquisitive mind, rather than focussing on every walk taking 10 times longer. 



 Sam loved his first Christmas and has really taken to his new toys. His favourite, of course, was a stick that came with the xylophone we bought him. You’ll notice I said ‘was’, for it has already been lost. It’s possibly under the sofa but wherever its current abode is, the location escapes me. Fortunately, he has others to bang things with. His red and yellow Little Tikes car (a rite of passage I believe) is a huge hit, his shopping basket rarely houses the fruit it came with since he enjoys throwing them around so much, the musical bus has shown us that he loves a little boogie, his new books often get brought over to us…and so on. 

 christmas jumpers 
We hosted a number of family days and Sam did fantastically. He naps well now (walking tires him out), which was fortunate during those busy days. It was a bit of a struggle getting him down on Christmas Day night since he was so hyped up, but we had few problems on the other nights. He loved being centre of attention – truly my son – and having all the family around him.

This time last year, I had just started my maternity leave and I’m still at a bit of a loss as to how that time has passed so quickly.

Now 2016 begins and I start my first year as an official stay at home mum. I have started a small business and I’m also working for my choir, so there’s no time to rest! More on that another time…

The first Christmas is nearly upon us 

Sam’s first Christmas looms ever closer and is now only a matter of hours away, although hopefully he’ll sleep through the first few hours of it! 

Despite him not really knowing what’s going on, I can’t wait to give him one of our presents for him – a xylophone. He loves hitting things with his stick and I think he’ll really enjoying getting a sound back! We’ve also bought him a little pull along cart with blocks in, and luckily this week he has started happily pulling his ducks along as he cruises and walks around. 

Yep. Walks. He’s now managing 3-4 free steps and can confidently pull himself from lying to sitting to standing and then walk. How quickly he progresses!  

So, here’s to the first Christmas, the couple of presents from us and the pile he’s likely to get from everyone else!! 

Happy Christmas everyone. 


Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads out there – both new and experienced – happy Father’s Day! 

Sam has spoilt his daddy by requesting I make him a fried egg sandwich and tea for Carl to enjoy in bed, a massage booked for Center Parcs, a little book of father’s anecdotes and a frame with 12 of my favourite pictures of them together. It’s really nice to be able to show a bit of appreciation for Carl’s hard work, and also have another frame for our bare walls (I’m on a mission to get photos and canvases up and get rid of the plainness!). 

Have a lovely day everyone! x