Being brave, or stupid

Recently, we have started trying to give Sam the bottle during the day, so I’m only feeding him first and last thing (although I often have to feed him to sleep before his morning nap, if we’re at home). 

With a busy December coming up, I’m not always going to be home for bedtime, so we need him used to taking a bottle and then going to bed without a breastfeed. On Sunday night, he was fussing and wouldn’t be rocked or fed to sleep…so I put him down and went downstairs. He cried for maybe 2-3 minutes and then rolled onto his side. Unbelievably, he then went to sleep. 

On Friday, despite being at a friend’s house he had also managed to fall asleep on his own, after lying staring at the camera for 15-20 minutes without a sound. He’d refused to fall asleep feeding and cried continually when Carl rocked him. 

So the upshot is that we know he is perfectly capable of falling asleep unaided, if all the stars are aligned and he feels like it. Monday night was the worst in months (thank you top teeth) so it’s not something we can rely on yet. However, we know it can be done and have a few weeks to work on it. 

Now that I’m rarely breastfeeding while out and about, today I’ve taken a brave step. I’m heading out without nursing bra or an easy feed top. Monkey Music and then lunch with Carl, so there’s no reason why I would need to feed him but it still feels a bit daring. How nice to be in ‘normal’ clothes during the day! (Obviously I have done this when I’m out in the evening). 

I might dig out a pair of nice boots to celebrate. 

That’s how I roll. 


The definition of ‘brave’ is…

“Naked Playtime”

I don’t often do this since Sam is too much a fan of both free wees and poos, to poor Carl’s delight (disgust) most mornings. However, since he is generally sleeping for longer periods at night he is now wearing a nappy for a very long stretch nearly every day. 

Therefore, I decided that it’s time to re-introduce naked playtime. Down went the foam mats with a towel placed over the top. In the nappy change beforehand, I – successfully – did plenty of bicycle moves with his legs to encourage a ‘clear out’. The hope being that he would be less likely to ruin playtime. 

Downstairs to the dedicated area and off came the clothes. He looked happy as anything about this! 

Now, I had long wondered whether he does a little shake of his whole body when he’s excited…or when he does a wee. 

I can confirm that it is the latter. 

Fortunately, thanks to all my planning I simply moved him to a different area of the mat and we continued playing. We had a great half an hour or so! He was happy as anything – typical boy. 

I probably could have left him longer but I didn’t want to get over confident and have anything worse to clear up!! Back into his clothes and into the jumperoo for a bit bounce around before dinner. 

All in all, a success! 

And brave. 

Shoes vs warmth

I definitely have two very different sides to my internet ‘window’ shopping. A long-term lover of pretty shoes, I had a bit of a mum life crisis a couple of months ago and purchased some beautiful Irregular Choice heels. Not essential, but I have either worn or re-sold them all, so it wasn’t a waste!? Sometimes, I need to don a pair of beautiful heels to remind myself that I don’t always need to be in jeans, flats/boots and a jumper.

'Nick of Time' by Irregular Choice

‘Nick of Time’ by Irregular Choice

This pair are on my ‘I love these, but have no occasion to wear them’ list. I can’t help but look at them from time to time, wondering if I could sell any other pairs to fund them…


Fleecey pyjamas by Boux Avenue

Fleecey pyjamas by Boux Avenue

 Then, on the other hand, I look outside and can feel winter coming, so I hop onto the Boux Avenue website and find myself looking at these warm PJ bottoms. I might even want these more than I want the shoes…or maybe I could wear them together. 

Shoe lover vs cold hater. 

Who will win? 

Can I be (have) both..?

Bang on trend, or getting old?

Yesterday I bought my first pair of high waisted jeans. These are in fashion at the moment, as they were in the 1980s. However, I’m still unsure about whether I qualify as being in fashion for the simple reason that I didn’t buy them for this.
As a mother, I spend an awful lot of time kneeling, crouching, sitting on the floor. My jeans all seem to slip down past what I would term as an ‘acceptable level’. To tackle this problem, I finally saw only one answer. Onto the New Look website I went (see, I am ‘down with the kids’ really) and picked out a couple of new pairs. 
While I still find myself occasionally hitching them up during the day, my indecent exposure during playtime is thankfully a thing of the past. I’d recommend them to any mums! 

Buying clothes in bulk…and the dangers of doing so

If I see a bargain bundle of clothes up for sale, I snap it up. A couple of months ago, I saw a 6-9 month bundle on facebook and bought it. Since Sam was still in 3-6 month clothes, I thought it best to be prepared. Last week, a school friend of mine said she was selling off some of her son’s old baby clothes, so I popped round and bought a few. Then, on eBay I saw a huge bundle of clothes for sale (100+ items for £30 incl. postage!) so I bought that to finish off.

Today, I put all of the clothes together…and it’s only as I type this that I realise  some are still in the washing machine…


It’s possible that Sam doesn’t need this many clothes… 

However, I love that there are 3 pairs of proper pyjamas in there, not to mention a dressing gown (unnecessary, much!?). What I have fallen down on is my lack of proper thought. It’s summer and while it seems to have disappeared for now, I’m hopeful that the sun will return. There are only 3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of summer dungarees and 1 romper suit in there. He’s been going through a LOT more than that recently….oh. I’m hoping that some of his 3-6 summer wear will still fit; dungaree straps can hopefully be lengthened, the shorts may last him a bit longer… He’s not fully into 6-9 yet, aside from his vests, so I’m hoping I can make it all last and not need to go and buy more!

Tomorrow, I need to sort through all of his 3-6 clothes to see what needs storing and what still fits, then I need to size up all of these clothes (since they obviously vary greatly) put the bigger sizes in the cupboard and the ones he needs now into his chest of drawers.

Now time to prepare for 9-12 month clothes…Halloween and Christmas outfits beckon!

We might need a bigger nursery…

One for the girls 

Yesterday I went shopping to pick up a few bits and hoped to find some more nursing bras. I hardly found any and those I did spot were horrible ugly things. Why should women have to wear boring underwear simply because they’re breastfeeding? 

After arriving home I decided to have a look online. Figleaves seemed to be recommended on various forums and I did indeed find some beautiful bras. Of course, they come with a price tag – £40! They’re really pretty, but still…! I don’t understand why we should have to pay so much to have the kind of bras non nursing women can pick up for £5 in Primark or £15/20 in other shops. It’s not like nursing is uncommon…or hasn’t been around for, well, ever. 

You’d think more people would have come up with attractive underwear… Thank you Heidi Klum for the Figleaves range, but could some more people do the same please and with a more affordable price tag!

Holiday planning

We’re off to Center Parcs in 3 weeks and I decided to start jotting down what we need to take…I think we need a new car to fit it all!! Problem with babies is having no idea how many outfits they’ll need a day. Sometimes we only need one, but on Sunday we had gone through 3 sleepsuits by lunch.

Carl and I need a few clothes, bathroom stuff and swimsuits. 

Sam needs EVERYTHING. Except the jumperoo…which is only staying home because I’m not sure I can get away with taking it on a 5 day/4 night trip… It’s a ridiculous list, especially since Sam is so dribbly and has a habit of being sick down entire outfits. Also, who knows what the weather will do. 


8 x sleepsuits

10-12 x short vests

8 x long vests 

4-6 x long sleeved t-shirts

4 x dungarees/rompers

4-6 x leggings/trousers

5 x socks 

4 x jumpers/cardigans

Swim shorts, wet suit, arm bands

3 x grobags

Every bib and muslin!

Sun hat 

Nappy changing 

Changing mat and towels 

3 x packs wet wipes

1 x big pack nappies 


Hand gel 

Everything else

Pram, car seat, base, stroller

Changing bag

3 x blankets

Bath, bubble bath, flannel, towel

Travel cot

Play mat, crinkly animal book, tummy time cushion 

Sensory box, lion toy, dog, vtech music car, teething necklace, Sophie teething toy


Formula, bottle/food pot, baby rice/purées, feeding spoons, bowls, steriliser 

Gripe water, infacol, calpol, bonjela, arnica

Sun cream 

I’m sure we’ll take a lot less next time…or will we…


There are SO many items you can buy for your precious newborn. The lists are endless! A quick search on Google will bring up a whole host of websites with the ‘definitive’ guide to everything you really need. 

Most of them are rubbish. Turn to Mum’s forums if you want the real advice! 

In reality, newborns don’t need much. Nappies/wipes, clothes, car seat and somewhere to sleep (this may well end up being your bed initially!). Useful/nice to have items include muslins (hundreds!), nappy rash cream, a nursing cushion, a changing mat (a towel will do just as well), pram and/or sling, baby bath and so on…turn to Google for ideas! 

However, what no list ever seems to mention is Infacol or Gripe Water. 

Wind is a nightmare with many newborns and young babies. They aren’t able to bring it up themselves and many babies get really bad wind (ours is one of these). Hours of pacing, winding, etc haunted our early weeks. I then followed the advice of other mums and purchased some Infacol. It doesn’t stop the wind, but it really does help him bring it up quicker. Some people believe that it just makes parents feel better and doesn’t really do anything, but we saw an instant improvement and make sure we always have some to hand. 

Fortunately, Sam is beginning to burp on his own…I can’t wait for wind to stop being such an issue! 

Where has my newborn gone?

Sam was 9 weeks old last Friday and I can’t quite believe how much he has changed. 

On Friday, Sam moved up into 3-6 month sleepsuits!! He has long legs (just like his parents) so he was really pushing on the built in feet of his 0-3 ones. We’re now in that ‘in between’ stage where the 0-3 were too small, but the 3-6 are massive! I’ve cleared yet another age group from his chest of drawers…he lasted 7 weeks in his 0-3 sleepsuits. How time has flown. Fortunately, the rest of his clothes still fit since they don’t have built in feet. 

This change in clothing made me think about the other changes. When he naps on us, he only rarely ‘frogs up’ now – where he pulls his legs right up so he’s in a right bundle on us. Now, he rests his bottom on our arms but stretches his legs out. Oh little froglet, you’re growing up! 

He is beginning to whimper simply because he wants a cuddle, rather than because he needs food or sleep. This is actually a sweet development; he is showing that he wants/needs/likes being with us. 

Every day I’m treated to smiles and his cheeky tongue being stuck out. The other day, he was lying on the bed while I was getting dressed. He looked over at me and smiled. It melts my heart, every time. 

We’ve put toys on his pram and he looks at them now, he’s starting to take notice of specific things rather than looking around at nothing in particular. 

I wonder what development will be next!?

Night feeds and the Internet

4am is a dangerous time when you’re doing a night feed and bored, sitting there with a smartphone. It’s amazing how many things I ‘accidentally’ stumble across (while on the Mamas & Papas website…). I do tend to restrain myself and switch to eBay, adding things to an ever growing watch list rather than a shopping basket! However, Sam does need that full set of 20 Winnie the Pooh books, right? Mind you, for £7.99 including p&p, that’s a BARGAIN and I can read them to him from any age!

BargainBoredom shopping is dangerous. See my previous post ‘Join selling pages!’ for a list of items purchased last week…but please note that everything was second hand and will be needed! The only brand new items I bought were swim shorts and a wet suit since we’re going to his first swimming session at Wotton House on Wednesday!

Just be careful in the early hours, maybe try to just add iems to a basket and review it all in the cold light of day! Better still, do something more productive with your time. Mind you, I often end up so tired that I can’t look at a screen for long, so I end up simply staring into the dark, waiting to go back to sleep. How different my life is compared to the wedding planning of this time last year! Oh hang on, I spent all my spare time online looking for wedding bargains then…maybe this is just what I do!

If anyone fancies paying me a nominal fee, I’ll spend my nights hunting down bargains for you!