You might be a mummy, but you can still be sassy

Last weekend was my friend Kate’s birthday celebration and although I was only able to attend one part of the day, at least it was the burlesque class! 

Not something I’ve done before, I was really excited, whilst also being a bit nervous about the exercise element of it all… I had discovered during my recent 5k that I’m not quite as fit as I used to be. I wasn’t sure how hard the class might be. Luckily, I had found an outfit that I felt comfortable moving around in; thank goodness for tummy holding hot pants to hide the 5 1/2 months pp mum tum! In the 10 minutes I had to get ready after feeding Sam, I pinned my hair back and chucked a bit of make up on. A stark contrast to the days where I would have spent hours relaxing and preparing. 

I picked up a couple of the girls on the way and we transformed ourselves into burlesque goddesses. What a change from my usual pumps, jeans and two tops to allow for discrete and easy breastfeeding! Underneath the casual clothes, ponytail and flats, is a woman who still enjoys a bit of fancy dress, a pair of heels and feeling womanly. It’s all too easy to become a stay at home mum in all senses of the word, but I’ve always maintained I’m still the person I was before, just plus a little one. It was nice to see that person again during the session with my theatre girls! Clare is expecting her own bubba and I loved that she joined in with the bits she could. She looked wonderful too, one of those lucky women who glows! 


Mum to be, Clare and I

Mum to be, Clare and I

The class was hard. 

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I should have done a week long warm up! What fun it was though. A huge part of burlesque is about confidence, sexiness and feeling womanly. With a flick of the hair and a slow removal of a glove, I felt amazing. 

Mum tum? What mum tum. 

Stretch marks? Who cares. 

Our teacher Justine was phenomenal. So encouraging and a wonderful dancer. It was a pleasure to be taught by her and I’m hoping to arrange another class as a belated birthday treat for me! We danced and danced. Down to the floor, up again, shimmy, hello boys, swing those hips… I loved every second of it, even when I genuinely thought I might collapse from exhaustion. 

When you become a mum, you change. But always remember that the person you were before is still there. Find her again and do something just for you. 

Leave your baby at home (preferably not on their own) and rediscover yourself. 

It did me the world of good and it will do for you too.  


Whose clever idea was this? 

Today, Carl and I are doing a 5k colour run for The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. I like to do a charity event each year and, a few months ago, doing a 5k run seemed like a really good idea. 

Except that it’s July. 

And I haven’t run since the Race for Life 5k last June. 

And I’m not a runner anyway. 

I love doing my bit for charity though. I really want to do something adventurous and brave for a charity I have volunteered with since 2013 next year. But, for now, I have today to get through. 

If you would like to sponsor us and help make my pain worthwhile then please follow the link below, every penny helps make a difference to a child’s life:

With my number 1 fan