The first 12 weeks

The fourth trimester is over. 

I can’t even believe I’m writing this! 12 weeks…how the time has flown? Gone by in a haze? Left me in a continual state of shock? All of the above. 

I recall being told that the first 12 weeks are the hardest but that seemed such a long way off…it’s hard to believe Sam is 3 months old already. 

What I have learned is that babies definitely don’t do things on cue! I’ve been thinking about a few things I was told and compared to what is actually happening:

By 12 weeks your baby will likely have settled into a routineWouldn’t that be nice!

You may find your baby starts sleeping longer spells from 6-8 weekshmmm

Most young babies nap for hours during the dayDo they? Can I borrow one? 

Babies start teething from approximately 4 monthsI wish! Hello early tooth that is just sitting there making my baby grumpy, but not coming further through.

It really helps when your baby starts smilingSo true. That toothless smile will make life better when you’re awake – again – at 3am.

Your baby smiling when they see you will make it all worthwhileMelts my heart every time. 

All babies are different, so don’t worry about what yours is/isn’t doing – Correct!! 


The fourth trimester

This is something I’d only vaguely heard of before giving birth but, having read up on it a bit, it makes perfect sense to me. 

In a nutshell, it is helping your baby adapt to the new world they’ve suddenly arrived in. Everything is different; what was dark is light, quiet is loud, warm is cold, food has to be worked for, they’re suddenly alone in a cot rather than constantly moving with Mum, nights are silent not accompanied by the comforting sound of Mum’s heartbeat…and the list goes on. 

Yesterday, I came across a blog post on a Facebook page I follow which really summed it all up. Written from the baby’s perspective, it struck a chord with me and (along with my other reading on the 4th tri), helps understand the huge transition Samuel is going through. I would thoroughly recommend having a read, it’s very touching and I’m sure any parent will identify with some or all of the article. 

Letter from baby to mum