Life of a work at home mum

Today is my company leaving meal and Friday is my last official day of employment. 

I haven’t worked in an office since the 23rd December 2014, but this week still feels very final. This week truly feels like the start of my new life as a “work at home mum”. My office-based employment may be over, but I have started doing some work from home. I love being home with Sam, but I am so grateful that I am also able to do things I love at the same time. 

Choir and singing are so important to me and I have started working for inChoir recently. I love helping with the Dorking choir sessions and doing PR work for them. I’ve been a member of inChoir for 5 years and it is so wonderful being able to combine my love with work. 

Over the May Bank Holiday I will even be heading to France with them to sing at Disneyland Paris and in Epernay (within the Champagne region). Anyone who knows me will understand that these are 2 of my favourite things; combined with singing it’s going to be an amazing weekend! inChoir

I also set up a Facebook page with products aimed for or from our tiny humans. Feedback has been so good that I’m feeling really positive about the future. Bunting, cushion covers, scrabble frames, baby name frames, keepsake scrapbooks…and I plan to keep expanding the range this year! I currently have a Mother’s Day offer running with frames for ¬£15 plus postage…feel free to take a little look! Tiny Human 

Frame examples

  All in all, I am feeling very excited about the next chapter. 

Bring it on!