Whose clever idea was this? 

Today, Carl and I are doing a 5k colour run for The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. I like to do a charity event each year and, a few months ago, doing a 5k run seemed like a really good idea. 

Except that it’s July. 

And I haven’t run since the Race for Life 5k last June. 

And I’m not a runner anyway. 

I love doing my bit for charity though. I really want to do something adventurous and brave for a charity I have volunteered with since 2013 next year. But, for now, I have today to get through. 

If you would like to sponsor us and help make my pain worthwhile then please follow the link below, every penny helps make a difference to a child’s life:


With my number 1 fan


It’s no walk in the park…

…but a walk in the park does you good! Yesterday I started phase 1 of helping Sam into a routine by getting him up at 9am rather than leaving him to sleep in. This led to a very grizzly hour and a half until I put him in the car to go to Reigate Hill. He happily slept the whole way there. 

He woke up and wanted to be carried for the first part of the walk – he’s so interested in the world! However, after this he settled back into his stroller and fell asleep. He also slept on the journey home…then napped some more when we got back…until 5.30…far too late. Fed and slept again at about 8. Then woke and fell asleep again at 10. Woke at 00.20 and FINALLY went back to sleep at 2am. 

I think we’ll start with getting him up at 9am each day, then slowly get it earlier. It’ll take a few days for him to stop trying to sleep loads to make up for the hours he’s losing in the morning and I can’t handle many nights like last night. 

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey…


Keeping active

I am tired. So tired. I slept on and off for the best part of 11 hours last night, after 2 days of doing very little. Today, I decided to get back outside and walking again. I was given a Fitbit for Christmas so I set that up this morning as a bit of extra motivation.

imageI don’t aim to walk a marathon, just a brisk mile is good enough for me. Having achieved this goal today (a whopping 1.1 mile walk), I realised just how tired I am; it felt like I’d just done a 5k run! I know women who walked 2 miles+ at 40 weeks pregnant, but I’m not sure I can manage that right now.

Tomorrow us NCT girls (plus 2 babies) are meeting up for tea and cake, but I plan to get back out on Friday and as often as I can after that. Hopefully Bud will start dropping soon…finally!

Keep active, or as much as you can, get some music on and get outside.

Oh, and then treat yourself to a hot chocolate when you get home.

Home Alone week 1 is complete

Today concludes my first full week at home on maternity leave and what a lovely week it has been. We had our maternity ward tour on Monday evening – we’re booked in to Epsom – which reaffirmed our decision to make use of their new midwife led birth centre if at all possible. It felt ‘right’ when we walked in there. Our final pre-natal NCT class took place on Tuesday night and it was my 34 week appointment yesterday, so it’s been very baby-centred!

The last few days have been a big adjustment to a new – short term! – slower pace of life. Getting lie ins while I can, enjoying freshly made fruit smoothies (I would thoroughly recommend a Nutribullet to anyone, I’ll also be using it to make baby food in the future) and doing odd bits of housework, while generally relaxing and putting my feet up whenever I feel tired or get either belly or back ache.

It is strange not ‘needing’ to do anything during the day; I’m so used to planning my day out with to do lists (re-written each day…while also leaving a couple of items on that can be immediately ticked off! You know you do the same!).

I have long lists of things I would like to get on with but, you know what, by 35 weeks pregnant you just need to take the days at whatever pace you can manage. I would like to be dancing round the house singing my head off while painting, decorating and cleaning the whole place from top to bottom….but I do not have the energy to do so and that is ok. I just try to keep on top of the washing up and clothes washing and have the place neat for when Carl gets home, helping him out where I can. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a lot more help than I was able to give for the first 5 months of pregnancy!

I make small goals for each day, beyond simply getting up, having a shower and getting dressed, so that at least I have accomplished something. Today, it was opening my favourite spreadsheet and updating our accounts so we know what we have to spend on house purchases and the nursery (happy payday – does any other payday feel quite so good as the first one after Christmas?) and, in a minute, I am going to head out for a walk. When I’m back, if my back isn’t hurting too much, I will start cutting material for a patchwork quilt I’m going to make Bud. If my back hurts, I will lie down and read until Carl arrives home. Such is the life of a pregnant woman. It’s tiring and you shouldn’t feel bad about getting rest while you can.

Now…walk time…and it’s not looking appealing as the trees are blowing all round. Fresh air is very necessary though and it is so important to remain at least a bit active; there’s nothing like the feel of wind on your cheeks to wake you up!

Oh, and I will treat myself to a big mug of hot chocolate when I get home; sometimes an incentive is essential!!

Then this happens and it gets even harder…!