Being brave, or stupid

Recently, we have started trying to give Sam the bottle during the day, so I’m only feeding him first and last thing (although I often have to feed him to sleep before his morning nap, if we’re at home). 

With a busy December coming up, I’m not always going to be home for bedtime, so we need him used to taking a bottle and then going to bed without a breastfeed. On Sunday night, he was fussing and wouldn’t be rocked or fed to sleep…so I put him down and went downstairs. He cried for maybe 2-3 minutes and then rolled onto his side. Unbelievably, he then went to sleep. 

On Friday, despite being at a friend’s house he had also managed to fall asleep on his own, after lying staring at the camera for 15-20 minutes without a sound. He’d refused to fall asleep feeding and cried continually when Carl rocked him. 

So the upshot is that we know he is perfectly capable of falling asleep unaided, if all the stars are aligned and he feels like it. Monday night was the worst in months (thank you top teeth) so it’s not something we can rely on yet. However, we know it can be done and have a few weeks to work on it. 

Now that I’m rarely breastfeeding while out and about, today I’ve taken a brave step. I’m heading out without nursing bra or an easy feed top. Monkey Music and then lunch with Carl, so there’s no reason why I would need to feed him but it still feels a bit daring. How nice to be in ‘normal’ clothes during the day! (Obviously I have done this when I’m out in the evening). 

I might dig out a pair of nice boots to celebrate. 

That’s how I roll. 


“But I WANT to put a rusk up my nose!!”

I don’t generally keep Sam on me if he falls asleep feeding, but today is one of ‘those’ days…

Sam woke hourly for much of last night but I was so exhausted that I didn’t wake for most of them. Poor Carl really picked up the brunt of it. At 2.45 I woke to hear Sam fussing and went ‘oh good, nearly 4 hours!’. I was swiftly corrected by my shattered husband. 



 Then Sam wouldn’t nap this morning, he didn’t sleep for long enough once he finally crashed out during a friend’s visit, lunch was a messy-shouty-meltdown filled affair as he put a rusk up his nose, rubbed it everywhere, dropped it, refused butternut squash and tried to get my food. It would have been funny if I hadn’t been so tired!

I needed a break.  
So, when he fell asleep mid feed, I decided to leave him lying on me, able to feed on and off as he wished. Not something I would usually do but today is am exceptional day. Thank goodness this has kept him sleeping for over an hour rather than the usual 20-40 minutes. He needs the sleep and I need the peace. 


To think that yesterday he was laughing so much that he fell over! More of that when he wakes please…

One small step…

Obviously this isn’t an ‘actual’ step…as keen as Sam is to stand and walk before he can sit or crawl! 

We did make a small amount of progress yesterday though…he accepted a bottle!! 

After arriving home from another brilliant Monkey Music session, I thought I would give it a go. Fortunately, I had already boiled the water and put it in a bottle (I had always intended to try yesterday), so there was no delay. 

I popped him in his bumbo, put the music channel on, grabbed some handbells to also distract him and gave him the bottle. It took ages for him to have 10ml; he was pushing it around his mouth and only occasionally sucking. Then, suddenly he took another 40ml in one go! It’s not a lot, but it’s a great start!! He got bored at this point and I didn’t want to push it, so I took him upstairs for a feed. 

In the evening, we gave him a small amount of baby porridge before his bath to tide him over. He really loves it! It’s so funny to see. He opens his mouth, leans for the spoon and really guzzles it down! He was pretty disappointed when there was none left. I’m quite looking forward to starting him on purées in just over a week. 

The reason for getting going with the bottle again is because of an awful Tuesday night (after bad Sunday and Monday nights). It took 3 hours of crying-feeding-winding/rocking to get him to sleep…and he only lasted 2 hours. Fed and resettled in his bed but he woke 10 minutes later so I moved him in with us. He then proceeded to wake crying for food every 20 or 40 minutes until 4.18am, when he finally slept for 2 hours. 

Our hungry man is growing and is big for his age, so it’s back on with the plan we decided upon a couple of weeks back – the bottle. At least we can add purées next week and hopefully he’ll be keen for real food at 6 months. We’re giving him tiny amounts of baby porridge (flavoured, he loves it) and baby rice (plain, not so keen) to get us to next Friday and see how his body handles different food. All has gone well so far after 3 days of porridge and a week of rice. 

So, the sleep has gone to pot but at least he’ll take a spoon and will hopefully continue accepting a bottle so we can start sharing feeds! 

Small steps…! 

The bottle training has begun 

Day one didn’t go well. Monday night was our first attempt and Sam cried the second the bottle teat touched his mouth each time. Once, he cried before it got near him! I had to remind myself many times that this isn’t going to be instant, if indeed he takes a bottle at all. 

Yesterday, he cried whenever I attempted a bottle (with some precious expressed milk in rather than formula ‘just in case’!) but we had a slightly better result when Carl tried in the evening. This doesn’t surprise me, why would he take a bottle off me when he’s literally sitting next to his preferred food supply!? 

He didn’t take the bottle, but he didn’t cry (progress!). Carl let him discover the bottle teat himself and a couple of times he seemed to let it into his mouth…before pushing it out again. However, the lack of crying when Carl tried was heartening. I’d be happy with him eventually taking it just in the evenings if need be; we don’t have much longer until we can start weaning anyway…provided he’ll allow it! 

Onwards and upwards…positive thinking…!