5th January 2015

I have worked in an office since I was 17 years old…it’s all I’ve really known! As an organised, routine-loving girl, I’ve always found comfort in knowing roughly what my day will entail or, at the very least, have control over the goings on!

12 years on and I am now just over 34 weeks pregnant, embracing the first days of maternity leave. Ahead lie a lot of unknowns: When will Bud make an appearance? Will we have a boy or girl? How will we adjust to parenthood? Will we ever sleep again? Am I enjoying my final hot cups of tea…? (Should I start drinking them cold, so it isn’t a shock!?)

The list is endless and to someone who lives their life by a diary and specific timings, you can imagine that my mind is in overdrive!

Follow my journey from diary-hugging, spreadsheet-obsessive to new Mum, with the fun and adventures along the way!

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